Street Talent Productions was set up by ‘Paps’ and Ed Sawyer in 2006 to promote talent from the streets of Freetown, Sierra Leone.

After producing the album entitled “Street Talent” in 2007, plans were made to launch this website to promote Freetown and Sierra Leone’s best talent to the world.

Despite the difficulty of day-to-day life in Sierra Leone, Paps and the Street Talent Productions team are able to bring you hugely talented, uplifting music and art from street level which provides insight into a different world, the world of the streets in Freetown.

Street Talent Productions aim to use this website to share with you some of the talent that is in Freetown, so that you can enjoy it too.

Street Talent Productions aims to help people in Sierra Leone find a way out of the streets through their art.

Join us.


  • lionel betts (3 years)

    big up paps…………

  • DaTrigaMan (2 years)

    Good work fam.

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